Online thermodynamic processes simulator

Technical software applied to the field of heat engineering and thermophysical properties

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ThermoPsychro for the search of thermal comfort

ThermoPsychro is a software for the design of Air Conditioning (AC) systems, altering the properties of air (primarily humidity and temperature) to favorable conditions, typically with the aim of distribution the conditioned air to an occupied space is to improve comfort


ThermoPsychro helps professionals and learners

The software has been set up with an intuitive interface that allows easy handling, solid technology with high precision

Psychrometric Diagram

This chart is an industry-standard tool consisting of a graphical representation of the physical and thermal properties of atmospheric air for different heights above sea level

Basic psychrometric processes

Some of the common psychrometric processes carried out on air are: sensible heating and cooling, humidification and dehumidification, mixing of various streams, etc.

Advanced cycles of AC systems

A rotary desiccant-based air-conditioning system combines different technologies such as desiccant dehumidification, evaporative cooling, refrigeration, and regeneration

Useful for Industry and University

It can be used for learning and / or solving real problems to facilitate professional practice

Very versatile software

Design parameters, sensible and latent heats of each process, as well as the thermodynamic state of a specific point, etc.

Mass, energy and exergetic analysis

The Sankey and Grassmann diagrams, with the irreversibility at each element of the installation

ThermoPsychro perform a complete thermodynamic study, including the second principle. It is supported by the psychometric diagram and allows a final report of the results. It is noteworthy the pedagogical use of these tools that improve the learning experience by facilitating students a greater mastery of psychrometric aspects.

Joaquín Zueco

CEO at ThermoSuite

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