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Technical & educational software applied to the field of heat engineering and thermophysical properties

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ThermoProcess: Solver and substances properties

Software for solving problems applied in Applied Thermodynamics and the prediction of thermodynamic and transport properties of the most common substances used in engineering.


ThermoProcess helps professionals and learners

Easy-to-use online platform that covers the resolution of practically all problems in the field of Applied Thermodynamics.

Huge substances database

Hydrocarbons, gases, refrigerants, synthetic liquids and brines. Includes thermodynamic and thermophysical properties

Gas mixture properties

Mixture of gases are common in many applications. Properties of a gas mixture depend on the individual gases.

Open systems included

The open system is one in which the energy and mass interactions take place at the system boundary.

Transient flow processes

It supports systems which properties change as the process takes place. They cannot be analyzed with steady state assumptions.

Closed systems

Closed system is the system having only energy interactions at its boundary. The mass interactions in such system are absent.

Thermodynamic diagrams

Analysis of main variables involved in the processes' study. Graphical representation of results and calculations.

ThermoProcess supports up to 13 thermodynamic diagrams to facilitate the user the problems solving. Being able to define the problem from numerical data or define these states interacting directly on the thermodynamic diagram. It is noteworthy the pedagogical use that improve the learning experience by facilitating students a greater mastery of thermodynamic aspects.

Joaquín Zueco

CEO at ThermoSuite

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