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Technical software applied to the field of heat engineering and thermophysical properties

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ThermoGasification an opportunity for better using biomass energy

ThermoGasification is a software for the thermodynamic analysis of the thermochemical process in which the reactions between fuel and the gasification agent take place and syngas (synthetic gas) is produced


ThermoGasification helps professionals and learners

The software has been set up with an intuitive interface that allows easy handling, solid technology with high precision

Very versatile software

ThermoGasification is at the forefront of thermal technology, offering innovative and efficient thermal energy solutions applied to the gasifier

Mass, energy and exergetic analysis

Solution of the nonlinear system of equations for matter, energy and entropy. Sankey and Grassmann diagrams, with the irreversibility of the process

Producing of syngas

Today most syngas is produced from noncoal feedstocks, by catalytic steam reforming of natural gas and naphtha or partial oxidation of heavy hydrocarbons such as methane

Useful for Industry and University

It can be used for learning and / or solving real problems to facilitate professional practice

Technical results of interest

Calorific powers of syngas. Production efficiency. Carbon utilisation. Sulphuric acid dew point, etc.

Producing hydrogen

One method of generating hydrogen from biomass begins with processing the organic materials at high temperatures

ThermoGasification responds to the main operating parameters of the gasifier: type of gasifier, gasification temperature, flow rates of biomass and oxidizing agents (air or steam), type and amount of catalysts, thermochemical efficiency, exergy efficiency, and fuels (mainly biomass) type and properties, etc.

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