Online thermodynamic processes simulator

Technical software applied to the field of heat engineering and thermophysical properties

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Comprehensive study of hydrocarbon combustion process

Software for the study of industrial combustion processes, in processes of generation of heat or electricity applied to boilers, combustion chamber in gas turbines or stationary engines and in industrial furnaces


ThermoCombustion helps professionals and learners

Software algorithms are based on up-to-date bibliography and the latest mathematical models, which in conjunction result in a well-defined, thorough and solid technology. The software has an intuitive interface that allows easy handling.

Application in industrial systems

Furnaces, steam boiler, combustion chamber, gas turbine, vapor turbine, internal combustion engines, etc.

Useful for industry and university

It can be used for learning and / or solving real problems to facilitate professional practice

Sensitivity analysis

Study of the effect of the main input variables on the design parameters by means of graphics

Combustion diagrams

Main combustion diagrams for industrial processes: Ostwald, Kissel, Grebbel, Bunte and interactive diagram

Mass, energy and exergetic analysis

The Sankey and Grassmann diagrams, with the irreversibility at each device. Determination of the equilibrium composition and thermodynamic properties

Pollutant emissions control

Accurate measurement of polluting emissions, allowing the user to choose the composition of mixture of hydrocarbons, aviation fuel, or with empirical formula

Whole range of software capabilities facilitates an improvement in combustion process design, an exhaustive study of main variables effects, and the possibility to reduce irreversibilities or pollutant emissions.

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