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ICECycles (Internal Combustion Engines Cycles)

ICECycles is a software for the theoretical calculation of cycles of internal combustion engines, and can be assumed that combustion products were composed of different chemical species


ICECycles helps professionals and learners

The software has been set up with an intuitive interface that allows easy handling, solid technology with high precision

Cycles to solve

Cycle Otto, Diesel and Dual, together actual cycle. In Otto cycle, heat addition takes place through constant volume process whereas in Diesel cycle, heat addition takes place through constant pressure process

Combustion modelling

Various models have been proposed to study the combustion process such as the Wiebe burning law applicable to in spark-ignition engines and the Watson law in compression-ignition engines

Developed aspects

Working fluid can be considered as an ideal gas, perfect or mix of air and fuel. The working fluid properties function of its temperature and pressure are obtained by applying thermodynamic basic equations

Useful for Industry and University

It can be used for learning and / or solving real problems to facilitate professional practice

Graphic results

A sensitivity analysis of the main motor design variables. Thermodynamic analysis. Heat transfer analysis. Kinematics and load analysis

Very versatile software

ICECycles is at the forefront of thermal technology, offering innovative and efficient thermal energy solutions applied to engines

A variety of engine models are used in ICECycles, with a range of complexity. This software can also be used within any class to help illustrate the first and second laws of thermodynamics applied to this type of engines. ICECycles software can be used as an integrating application in the thermal sciences stem of the engineering undergraduate curriculum.

Joaquín Zueco

CEO at ThermoSuite

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