Thermodynamics and heat transfer educational and professional software suite

Technical software applied to the field of heat engineering and thermophysics



ThermoSuite helps professionals and learners

Designed for engineers. Industrial, chemical and mechanical engineers need specific software that allows them to solve problems and facilitate professional practice


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ThermoSuite helps professional and students to design and analyze all kind of thermal systems through intuitive interfaces that provide easy handling.

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ThermoSuite makes use of the principles of thermodynamics and properties relations to the analysis and design of thermal systems: combustion chambers, furnaces, tubular heat exchangers, steam boilers, vapor turbines cycles, gas turbine cycles, internal combustion cycle engines, air conditioning units, etc.


Designed for engineers...

Industrial, chemical and mechanical engineers need specific software that allows them to solve problems and facilitate professional practice


...but also for students

ThermoSuite can also be used as a powerful tool for learning thermodynamics and heat transfer for advanced universitary students


Advanced simulations

The definitive tools suite for Applied Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer processes simulation, including exergy analysis

For the industry

Technical reports

Preparation of high quality technical reports, ensuring results' accuracy for companies in the energy sector, including:

Thermodynamics analysis.
Complete thermodynamic analysis of combustion processes for a variety of fuels, hydrocarbons, biomass, biodiesels and jet-fuels. Pollutants emissions, combustion efficiency, energy and exergy analysis, etc.
AC systems.
Analysis and design of air conditioning systems.
Heat exchangers.
Design or improvement of tubular heat exchangers (double tube and/or shell-tube).
Energy / exergy analysis.
Energetic and exergetic analysis of industrial thermal systems (electricity generation plants, cogeneration cycles, renewable energy plants, air conditioning, etc.).
Technical reports

For universities

Teaching activities

The "Teaching" tool
is where instructors can design teaching activities for students to solve using the software. Scores, results and student's responses are stored and immediately transformed in non-editable PDF files.
Powerful and random.
This practice is appropriate for the teaching-learning process based on many technical studies both for the teacher and the students, since it allows to deliver and solve problems and design projects in an efficient and fast way. In addition, our tool allows the definition of random variables so that each student receives a different exercise.
Extensive documentation.
We provide an extensive documentation with numerous teaching activities with each university license, along with the required files for each activity.
Teaching activities

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